Take Care of these Vital Aspects for a Proper Link Building in 2014

Take Care of these Vital Aspects for a Proper Link Building in 2014

With Google unleashing Penguin updates on unsuspecting websites, link building has become harder than ever in 2014. Though the present mind set veers towards link building being not feasible any longer with the pressure put on by Penguin, it is still the best method to get your visibility improved in the search engine rankings. Link building will continue to be the vital aspect in increasing visibility as far as organic searches are concerned. So, investing in resources is the best way to stay on top as of now.


Impact of Relevance

With the ‘Things, not strings’ concept introduced by Google in 2013, the relevance of links has become a key factor now. The links connected to your pages should have content that is related or relevant to your website. If the links to your site have unlike keywords, the unnatural links filter will be triggered. To avoid this situation, keywords should be related to whatever topic your website has. The Hummingbird algorithm has been installed by Google to control this aspect of link building making context more important than anchor texts.

Staying away from Spamming

Though Google has time and again put in some sort of control over the misuse of links, there are some people who try to use spam tools to get their pages ranked.  Text advertisements and selling or buying links that pass Page Rank, going overboard with the link exchanges, using keyword packed anchor texts, employing automated services or programs for creating the links, poor quality bookmarks or directory, and links present in widgets which are sent to several sites are some of the spam measures that will get your site penalized instantly.

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Building Powerful Links

Instead of taking the easy route of spamming, the key to survive and stay visible is making sure you are accessible and relevant. That can certainly be achieved if you have the patience to build trust and reputation. Link building that does not have quality will not serve any purpose at all. Consistency over a long term is what Google looks at. Here are some useful tips.

  • For establishing domain authority, acquire links from genuine sites.
  • Look at the link building methods your competitors use and exploit them to your advantage.
  • The trick lies in getting links from popular websites related to your niche. Hence, do some research to find the relevant links?
  • Social networks help not just for the links but also for establishing your own personal network.
  • Editorial links are effective regardless of the page rank and the site they are present on.
  • Avoiding unnatural links and annoying friends on social networks with your sales pitch are things that should be well thought-out.

Exploiting specific links continuously will make them toxic. Instead of going with the crowd, focus on building natural links whether you do it by automated method or manually. Investing in good content and impressive links is the best way to gain a permanent page rank. Having too many links that are of low quality will affect the rankings considerably, and paid links do not fare well in the long term.  

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